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protip dont tell someone who is suicidal and clinically depressed they they have the power to change how they feel…im trying not to off myself here not trying to think of more reasons why i just want to sleep forever.

faded as hell just threw up and smoked a cigarette…I hate myself so fucking much

I feel so disgusted with myself I’m really contemplating taking this whole baggy of Vicodin and not waking back up


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sad blog ☹


what doesn’t kill you leaves you lying awake at 2am wishing it had


Can someone just tell me they care and actually mean it, or is that to much to ask for


im grateful to anyone that still wants to be my friend after getting to know me

when people ask “what did you do today?”  I just want to yell well I DIDN’T KILL MYSELF TODAY ok is that enough?  because it’s really starting to seem like an impossible task….